Star Warz is pretty much finished!

After 5-6 days of working on my game, Im pretty much finished! Thanks to @grazer and @jngthree for their help!

Would love any type of criticism or advice. Thanks!

My high score was 1486, can you beat it? Heres the link

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 7.58.32 PM

Good job replicating my high score rig! You did an amazing job overall, especially for a beginner, I’m impressed!

Dont get me wrong.

It took me longer to get good at this than it took you to, so I’m happy you got the logic down, good sprites, what did you use for sprite creation?

I used adobe photoshop cs6. I also used some sprites I found online. Thank you, I was getting so frustrated trying to get the score system to work and it just created so much lag in the game I choose to go with your rig and make it a simple high score game vs having a shop.

I plan on finding more software/programs like this that will allow me to build the game I want. This is a great tool but its not powerful enough to do what I need it to. Do you use any other video game creation programs? @jngthree Btw thanks again for the help, I wouldnt of been able to get as far as I have without you and @grazer

holy cow, this game is insane - I love it, and I can’t believe you knocked it out in 6 days!

I suck at it though, my high score is too embarrassing to post so far :slight_smile:

Haha I honestly couldn’t have done it without you guys and the games you’ve made. I used your health rig @grazer from caverns of delirium witch btw i just downloaded on to my iphone =] its super cool! I used at @jngthree 's Score system from his astroids game, which saved my life. I was losing the battle of trying to rig it myself =/ With that being said I had one goal and that was to learn the basics of building a video game as fast as I could. I feel like I did it and now I look at video games completely different. I understand how they work. Like the mechanics of a clock. Every part and every aspect have to work together or not interfere with each other. Learning all of this is like a gift. So thank you for sharing this with me. Ive had a true passion for video games since I was a kid and my goal now is to build my own that I can play on my own xbox and ps4 console. So thank you for helping me on my first step to achieving that goal =]

p.s I wish i would of found this sooner but glad i finally did!

Oh btw my new high score heheheScreen Shot 2016-04-18 at 9.46.25 PM



Hey, if you want, Ill let you use my select spaceship rig too!
That could be used like a shop.

But for each button, load the high score, and if its greater than a certain #, you allow it, else you receive a pop up stating its locked

1780- Hahahaha. Im invincible, Invinc- OWWWW

@jngthree Yeah? I would love to add the shop, Ill start working on it now!

The only issue Im running into is how to make it so at the end of each game after you die the ending score sends to the store and saves. And after each game it continues to add up and save.

So lets say you got 1780 the last round and the next round you get 1000. I want the store to show and save 2780. And once you purchase a ship, the purchase price will get deducted from the stores score. Does that make sense lol? Ill have 5 ships total, prices ranging from 10,000 to 100,000. =)

Thats what i really want to do =]

Just added the store and skins! @jngthree

Good job

You have mostly everything my game has, which is good from my POV

It’s a very nice game but I’m a bit confused. The health and coins seem to be quite easy to get and the enemies seem quite easy to kill. I’m currently on 105,000 coins and there’s no enemies left, no coins left and no where to go. Is there a glitch or have I won?

Great work man its a really cool game!

Decided to buy the gold ship for 100,000. Destroyed all the enemies then went to bonus round again. Coins back up to 130,000 but nothing left to collect. Would be really cool if you get go somewhere else or do something else after collecting all the coins in the bonus round.

Also score doesn’t save unless you die? So if you have nothing left to destroy then you can’t log your score?


Im actually working on it right now. I haven’t gotten to the part where you are actually able to buy anything, so for now the ships are free even though they are in the store haha…

Last night I decided to change up the entire game play and am making it a lot better with different enemies, endless waves, bosses and The new bonus rounds =] And thank you! I had a lot of help! If you check back tonight there will be updates! Thanks again!

Oh ok cool. Is there a way of stopping the controls from freezing on? For instance if you try and move and shoot then the ship tends to go into a spin as if the left or right arrow key is stuck on. Same with shooting. If you’re shooting and turning whilst moving forward sometimes the machine gun gets stuck on. I don’t know if that info is of any use to ya. Cheers

Weird, I haven’t had that issue. Though, It could be because I was working on it while you were playing. I just added some over kill bosses btw lol its impossible now XD @Z_O_L