Starblast 2 Mobile?

This is a WIP, but so far I cloned my game, tinkered with the scrolling, then changed the size, and added some stuff and removed some stuff… and finally, it’s time… FOR SB2 MOBILE…

Did already:
Because I expanded the screen on the X axis, i had to change some scrolling so the board is coordinated with the screen correctly
bomb button
removed mouse shooting

To do:
Joysticks (somehow?)

@grazer any idea on how to pull this off?

Test here

@everyone suggestions?



@Latif3 basically I want 2 joysticks on the corners of the screen. After all, this IS a mobile port

I was going to use mouse clicks, mouse move, point-ats, saving, and filters to do it, but then I realized, GUI objects can’t rotate…

Left corner: movement
Right corner: aim and fire

Oh so something like the diepio app.
Hmm… I’m curious. I never thought about joysticks. Would be cool if it really works :o

the only way I think a joystick would work (to my knowledge) is if there was collisions in UI with other UI’s, and, I’m not sure if this already works, a way to hold down with mouse/ finger. 2 joysticks I can’t think of any solution

The way I had it is that there are filters to ensure that the mouse moves are in the corners, and when there’s a detection the GUI object points at it and saves the rotation, which is loaded by the ship to match the rotation

ah, didn’t think of filters

@Latif3 to be honest I don’t think I’ve ever gotten that high of a score in chaos mode… then again I use the desktop port… soooo

Anyway @grazer how could I tackle this problem? Do I just make 8 bunch segment objects to make joystick? I really want the player to have more freedom than just 8 directions. I want them to have 360 directions

@grazer really though, I want to make a twin stick shooter.

Any ideas? Anyone?

Hey @jngthree - I’ll take a look at this and see what I can come up with

K thanks

@jngthree what do you think about this approach with the new update: ?

@grazer it’s a good idea!

I’m goung to try making a prototype.

But if I’m using a mousmove and there are two mouses, then which one picks up?

There’s my take on it.

download here

@grazer test it? I think there is a problem with the alpha node, not sure tho


Starblast 2 is a mobile app now…

That’s cool, If only I had a google play device…