Starblast 2- now with more rainbows!

Starblast two is the direct sequel of starblast: Neon wars!

Play test it here IMG_1828

I honestly prefer the 8 direction shooting to the current way, but this is good too. It gives it a nice unique feel. Your start is not working properly btw


I brought the neon wars controls back!

The unique way this game works is you have a Shield bar, and when it depletes, you lose a life. the bullet board will never clean itself when you take a hit like neon wars will unless you blow up. So be careful

@grazer what do you think?

lovin it m8

made a new scrolling mechanic, along with a new grid in the background (and rainbows)

Added some new enemies (and rainbows…) looks great as far as visual effects (and rainbows)

Also added the scoring system, so everything should work now.

…and more rainbows

Make a black-white starblast so I won’t get confused of colors

Well that takes the effects away, but i will see what i can do.

well black-white can be even more confusing. If red’s shown in 222222 and dark gray’s 232323, etc., it’ll be even harder to figure out and see. If the colours of the ship is equivalent to the background, then in black-white it probably won’t be any better. Since there’s less variety of colour, it could even make it worse.
It’s probably better not to mix up colours so much, if it does get confusing. Probably better to make the walls, enemies, player, items, etc. stand out from the background. Also it takes the effects away, so I don’t think it’s gonna be much better. If you’re making a mode for colorblind people, maybe make it simpler with the colours, and the background. Then they’ll still be able to figure everything out and you can keep the colours for the others.

But it’s your choice, so yeah…

I dont exactly know how colorblind people see things, so i dont think i could pull that off

Added the faker.

It is:

-a classic enemy (from starblast NW)
-capable of firing at you, will do 15 dmg to the shield. 3 fire burst
-capable of doing 10 damage if it crashes into you
-like your ship, can fire toward its target even if it isnt facing you…
-if you manage to trick one into shooting another faker. you get points for that

Fighting off a horde of these things is a nightmare



loving it!
You could make a slow moving destroyable enemy that only hurts you if you run into it. It would not chase the player

@Myw i figured the wave rider enemy (red triangle) would work kinda like that, but if you want a enemy that wanders that could work

REALLY LIKE THE GAME!!! but who ever is shooting me is invisable bullets come out of no where which is strange

Doesnt happen when i play it @DarkPhantom but ill look into it

I didnt notice it at all- are you sure the enemy wasnt just offscreen?

@Latif3 maybe i should make all the enemies and the player ship white. Maybe that would help you. How are you able to get your games perfect colorwise if you are colorblind anyway

he isn’t colorblind… it was another guy

Just saying though, usually in most games there isn’t a mode for colorblind people, because very few people would appreciate it. But if your game’s too confusing for many people, that might change. People might not realize that they’ve been hit by a thin string of laser, etc., because I think that was the main cause of this problem in neon wars. In that case, maybe make the background simpler, or make them stand out more.