Starblast 3 barely working post HTML5

menu broken when first loaded
game freezes quickly
labels act odd when alligned
I cant get the game to work
Sometimes the GUI bundle’s positions will randomly (and sometimes permanently) go to 0,0.
editor GUI occasionally fails to respond to clicking the main buttons

That being said, it seems to work fine with the quality on low… so i believe its the emits causing a majority of the lag, the only problem with that theory is SB2 works perfectly fine.

I realized a few on your list to while making a game with my team, such as the labels acting weird. But did you make it while Flowlab was still flash? If so, that may be the problem. for some reason, its more laggy and buggy if it was made on flash then transitioned to HTML5.
I hope @grazer can help you. I still want SB3 to keep being updated. Its a really good game, and I love it.

Well, grazer already clarified that transferring a game made in flash to Html5 didn’t make any difference.
Maybe it can’t handle the sheer size of the game, or it’s something else exclusive to high quality.

I had toned down some of the effects, and it seems to not freeze anymore… the cores being collected caused freezing until i got rid of the ease loop.

However the menu and some other things are screwing up still

I still have more optimization to do in the HTML5 version - it will be ongoing for a while, I’m sure. I released the HTML5 engine as soon as I thought it was fast and performant enough to be usable, but there are still a lot of places that could use more attention and have room for improvement.

I’m not trying to make excuses, just letting you guys know that the performance will be getting better, and I’m aware that it’s not currently where it should be. That being said, I would still like to hear about games (or specific parts of games) that are in particular need of attention.

@grazer Nah, take your time. SB3 is pretty massive for a flowlab game, so if I can use it for helping you reproduce bugs, I will gladly do so.

I also notice @PixelPizza awakening (being remade) thats on the front page crashes on any test level. I didn’t test much but I do know its from the player character.

Well honestly, I wouldn’t mind if that game was deleted or at least taken from the front page. There is an “Awakening - Replica” game that works better than the last version so yeah.
And it’s really odd having it up there since it doesn’t deserve anymore? I don’t touch that game. I cloned it before remaking it and fixed the clone a month ago and I occasionally work on the remake -which is a different game project because the old one is full of crap and takes forever to load.

So @PixelPizza, you’re saying I should unfeature “Awakening (Being Remade)” and just leave “Awakening (Replica)” in its place?

Logically, yes, the “Awakening (Replica)” it’s more Awakening than the other one. I could even change the name to simply Awakening and leave it as it is. Maybe a little adjustment here and there (basically linking levels, and updating the object “name” from Extractors - so you can reach the Boss from the game picture), but I won’t complete it (obviously) it would stay up there as a game that never was what it was meant to be.

In the end, I think you should do what you think that’s best. Because I really don’t mind not having either featured.
I want to make another game hit but I guess I don’t have the time, just yet.