Starblast 3- update log

Play here:

the scoring/saving system isn’t working for some reason, although the logic is good
Also dat menu doe

Wow! Very nice - it plays so smoothly, and it looks super polished.

I got the scorings working!
Now the game is fully-fully functional

Nice! this time i really can play isnt laggy or too confuse
Haves much less special effects but still good!

Added “lag control” to the main menu.
hover your mouse over the button to see the setting it is on, and click to toggle

-added the tutorial

Nice one! Feels fresh.

Like the neon effects and some nice logic on the lasers that emit when you hit an enemy.

Some really cool work, do you intend to release on iOS?

can’t, I’m underage.
It’s already in review at newgrounds, though.


If you wanted to publish it yourself I wouldn’t mind. It would be pretty cool to see my game on IOS.

Awesome! I love it, got 1 million points lmao, then I stopped playing because it’s too easy.

3655 in zone mode (first try), didn’t know how to play first but then I understanded you have to be close to the dots to be able to shoot. Really nice idea :slight_smile:


There’s an intensity factor that slowly speeds up the spawn rate the longer you go, so it should be harder now

Update- all the enemy basic types from SB2 are here!

@jngthree @grazer thanks for the offer to publish but I think it might be worth considering a general Flowlab account on the app store which can publish games for people.

Similar to what Ketchapp does perhaps but for Flowlab games only. @grazer what do you think?

Be sure to rate!


This is the satisfaction I’m aiming for

New gamemode: Sticky Keys! You can’t stop moving!!!


I can’t rate because i don’t have an newgrounds account

Then create one

I’m planning to make a mechanic that shows your efficiency, meaning [X/(Y/Z)] with X being the score, Y being the ammount of kills you’ve had, and Z being the time alive. This mechanic is mostly cosmetic, exists for those wanting to improve their overall skill, and will not be recorded.

Also, in case you were wondering “why are cores absent in this game?” Well, there’s no need for them. Multiplier acts completely different. See that white bar below the score? That represents your multiplier. When empty, it is at 1, meaning scoring is unaffected, when full, it’s at… Find out for yourself.

One additional mechanic that will apply to every mode. It’s called “Frenzy”. Whenever the multiplier bar reaches its max capacity, the music will change to a much more fast paced theme, the player will get a slight speed boost, and will get a boost in other stats. This state rewards the player for lasting that long (I find it incredibly hard to fill up the multiplier bar all the way). cut

Another new mode, albiet mostly useless, is the addition of versus mode. Instead of a race to 50 points like the first game, one player will control the ship, while the other spawns enemies. Player 2 can only choose which enemies they want to spawn, but not where.

Each enemy causes a cooldown effect, meaning the stronger the enemy, the longer player 2 has to wait before spawning the enemy.

Cooldown times

Seeker- .5 seconds
Chaser- 1 second
Wave rider- .2 seconds
Rocket- 3 seconds
Saucer- 3.5 seconds

Player 1 must fight these enemies to fill up the progress bar, in which they win once it’s full. If player 2 manages to kill player 1 three times, they win.

WOW i love those ideas!

for real good work
Well done