Starblast DMCE

Starblast DodgeMode Championship Edition
Taking a break from SB3, decided to make a spin-off based off of SB3s dodgemode.

I will actually be assisted by @“JR 01”, Maybe @PixelPizza, and maybe @Latif

I got the game started off, but lets see how well thisll do.

Also, this is the first SB game to have unique controls, no shooting, and the ability to preform a dash.


Theres a bug thats giving me a lot of trouble. The game doesnt always start correctly, and sometimes triggers dont go as expected

If anyone who on the team would like to look and see what they think is causing problems that would be nice because the game just started doing this randomly

Can’t wait to see what you come up with @CrimsonBlackGames ! Hope everything works out!

Hey @CrimsonBlackGames, I’m a huge fan of your games. Can I please please please please please please please pleasehelp you guys? Pleeeeeaaaaassssseeeee with the sugar on top!!!

@Polarbeer2019 Sure! Lets make this everyones game. Not just my game.

Yay!!! How can I help?

@CrimsonBlackGames, at first, It’s impossible to die and I tested it out and the frame-drops were insane. You need to substract a lot of enemies.

Its not the enemies, I actually emailed Grazer and discovered i discovered a crash

So its a matter of him fixing it, anyways we usually talk on the discord, so if youd like to help, thats usually the best way

Oh crap, I don’t have Discord.

You still working on this?


Big time. We have a new version were working on, with new hazards and mechanics