Starblast highscores here

Im putting the two Star-blast games here for people to play against each other’s high scores. Also, updates will NOT be posted here. So this is left solely up to you.

contest rules
Every now and then i will post about a contest. I will say a game, then the game-mode, and you play that. To enter your score, take a screenshot during gameplay (for best results take one at the end of a round just before you lose your last life) as proof of performance.

even if there is no contest going on, feel free to post high-scores anyway

(Note: starblast neon wars may or may not experience changes including but not limited to: the appearance of new enemies, implementation and removal of power ups, and implementation and removal of skins)

Play Classic SB (here)
Play Neon Wars (here)

My highscore for NW is 1005

Hey @Luminous700 and @PixelPizza !

Beat that!

Is that a challenge?!!

I got 1880 as my high score… it was kinda easy
Maybe it’s because of the lack of enemies for now.

i love the in main music… my score 2910 in Arcade mode

Its eventually going to get harder
@PixelPizza and @Luminous700

Did you ever try Max mode yet?

yes my score is 245 in hard mode


plz help me i need u

@PixelPizza and @Luminous700

I added a new enemy. Its basically a mimic of the default ship.
It flies around randomly shooting at you.

However if it gets struck my an astroid, it dies (it doesn’t add to your score though)

@grazer what can you get?

I’m pretty terrible - my high score is like 400 :frowning:

@grazer me too :smiley:

just got a highscore of 2870 on Max mode




update: hold space for a rapid fire (in the direction ur facing)
added bouncers: they vaguely resemble stars in the foreground, they dont do anything but get in the way. dont worry about them touching you, they dont hurt

What can you get mhx?

Oh, Idk, I’ll try it. You said to take a screenshot before losing your last life, but how do you know when you’re going to die? You should have the game pause when you lose your last life, or have the score send a message to an end score screen.

I forgot to say- i made something to keep track of the highscores on here, i was the first to make the rig, too