Stealthy Ninja - A Multiplayer Co-op Game

Fun fact: this game used to be single-player, but why not make it multiplayer?

What is Stealthy Ninja?
Inspired by the game “Tiny Heist” comes another game called “Stealthy Ninja.” Explore dungeons filled to the brim with enemies, puzzles, and more! With 10 levels and one boss battle, this is a game of endless fun. And to make it even more fun, you get to play with other players! Work together to reach for the exit, but beware! If one of you dies, you all lose a life. Lose all your lives, and you are sent back to the menu. Share items and power-ups that will assist you in your escapade.
Can I play Stealthy Ninja now?
Yes, here is the link to the game! If you are playing solo, click on the green arrows in the bottom right corner of the tutorial level. Note that not all features promised in the below comments have been added.
In the meantime, much like my other discussion, I will be posting screenshots and sneak-peaks of the game.
Do I have to play with other people?
Stealthy Ninja was built to be played for multiplayer only, but if you are going for a singleplayer run, just click on the green arrows in the bottom right corner if the tutorial level and wait for the countdown to finish.
Will Stealthy Ninja be exported?
No. Currently, I have no plans to export Stealthy Ninja, even if it is finished.


So you know the enemies, but what about the items that you will use?

Use the pistol to destroy the closest enemy, but be warned that using the pistol will alert all enemies. Pistols cannot shoot enemies behind walls.

Warps the player three tiles horizontally and/or vertically. If the player finds themself outside of the map, they will be instantly defeated.

Destroys surrounding walls and enemies, but be warned that using a bomb will alert all enemies. Destroyers and Wreckers are immune to the explosion.

Suppressors make the room go quiet, meaning that elite guards, Destroyers, pistols and cameras cannot alert other enemies. Keep in mind that bombs still alert enemies.

If an enemy walks over a banana, they will be temporarily knocked out. They will forget about a players presence and will behave as if they never saw you in the first place. Destroyers will not forget about you, however, and Wreckers are immune to the banana peel.

Shields generate a temporary wall that blocks enemies from moving past it, but players can move through it with ease. Shields are temporary and will disappear after 10 seconds.

Starts a fire. Fire will spread throughout the entire level and will destroy anything engulfed by the flames, including players. Destroyers and Wreckers are immune to fire.

Water Bucket
Creates a pool of water that eventually floods the room. Water extinguishes fire and stun enemies temporarily. Destroyers and Wreckers are immune to water.


Before the game becomes available, I just want to talk a bit about the game’s enemies. These guys will try to slap you in the face throughout your adventures in the world of Stealthy Ninja.

Guards patrol the area randomly. They also tend to be a bit… stupid. They bump into walls and spend lots of time trying to figure out how to turn around. However, if at least one player gets caught by the guard, or if they have been spotted by a camera, the guard will move twice as fast and search a bit smarter.

Sleeping Guard
Hey, wake up, sleeping guard! Actually, don’t try that. Sleeping guards awaken if a player comes too close, or if they are spotted by a camera. Sleeping guards will immediately jump to a player once they have been detected by the sleeping guard. If a sleeping guard is “awake” or alerted, the radius in which they can detect a player will triple, allowing them to jump over walls.

Tanks move either horizontally or vertically. Regardless of which direction they move, they will always keep moving. Tanks cannot shoot (thankfully), but if you get cornered by one, you are done for.

Cameras will point at one specific direction, and will search for a player. If a player has been spotted, the camera will alert every single enemy on-screen. You can destroy a camera by moving onto the tile in which the camera is sitting on. However, once a camera spots you, destroying them won’t matter as all of the enemies now know you are here.

Elite Guard
This enemy is a bit similar to the guard, but they are about as fast as an alerted guard. If an elite guard catches a player, they will alert every single enemy on-screen about your presence. Elite guards are very quick when alerted, and behave a bit unpredictably.

Bouncers do nothing but bounce around. They can still hurt you. Eventually, bouncers will stop bouncing around and remain stationary, which can sometimes block your path. Only enemies can safely push a bouncer.

Destroyers are an even bigger threat than elite guards. Coming near one, even from behind a wall, can lead to your doom. Destroyers will alert every single enemy on-screen if they catch you. Destroyers will also alert sleeping guards if they come near one. An alerted Destroyer will show no mercy.

Wrecker (Boss)
Wreckers already know about a player’s presence and will proceed to chase the nearest one (if playing with other people). Wreckers destroy any walls that get in their way, but they do it rather slowly. Luckily, Wreckers are not as dangerous as Destroyers as they cannot alert other enemies and move much slower.

@Superstargames You’re on a roll! It’s like your working on Porky’s Nightmare, this, while still updating Cube Sports game at the same time! You have been quite active, haven’t you?

@“The Kodex” yeah, I have been very active recently. I still have no idea how I found this much time, but I am making great progress.

Flowlab Game Creator - Stealthy Ninja - Google Chrome 4_19_2020 3_17_21 PM

Screenshot of the third level (work in progress at the time).

I am currently playing the game, anybody is welcome to play too!
(Link to the game located all the way at the top of the page)

I have stopped playing the game now.
I also made one new change. You can now hold down the WASD buttons to continuously run around instead of repeatedly tapping on the button (which is a good change, because the original controls gave me hand cramps).

Stealthy Ninja has been taking longer than I expected… But thankfully, it is almost done. Kinda.
I am going to delay the introduction of items and power-ups until after I open Stealthy Ninja to the community. For now, you will just have to pass through 10 levels (randomly selected) and one boss level. The game keeps going on and on and opening different levels until you lose. So MAYBE Stealthy Ninja might open tomorrow.
Flowlab Game Creator - Stealthy Ninja - Google Chrome 4_25_2020 10_08_35 PM
Somebody get this Wrecker off of me! - Me, as I realized that I was playing alone.

@“seamothmaster45”, @“The Kodex”, and everybody else here, Stealthy Ninja is ready to be played! Keep in mind that the game is still very new, so there may be some problems, and the game may be very “easy.”
As for me, I may play Stealthy Ninja every now and then, and I will comment here in this discussion when I am playing.

yay! someone please get online!

I am currently playing the game, anybody is welcome to play too!

I have stopped playing the game now.

I have made some small changes to the game. One change I want to point out is that Destroyers now search more intelligently and won’t get stuck near walls.

Can you play again now? I really wanna! :smiley: :blush: