Stick blocks are annoying

hey on the last level of my game if i jump and hit the block i stick to it and i cant move how do i fix that

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what? i dont understand

I think its a bug then. I don’t see any issues with the physics.

Hey @LMTP69!

I’m not quite sure what is going on; however, I did notice that you have several different player objects, one for each level. And they all have virtually the same function, with the exception for attacking and camera scrolling. How come you don’t just use one player object for all levels?

The player object experiencing the issue, “New Type 308”, is the only one experiencing it, and given that the last level has no enemies, you really don’t need to have the ability to attack.

For now, this is the only solution I can provide: use one (working) player object instead of several with the same function.