Still unhappy about this multiplayer issue

I just remembered that I had attempted to make super ballers multiplayer.
I have no idea how to do it. I couldn’t sync the scores and even if the ball was shared it would be in different places. The players were not syncing. It was a mess. Can someone help me finish the project? Because last time I asked no one even responded.

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@Galactian was that you who just joined? bc the other player showed up and worked fine for me
(i got disconnected in the final)

I’m not even in the game. If there is another player, idk who it is. It doesn’t say names yet.

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That’s a dash particle

oh, well now another player joined and i can’t move :confused:

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i cant move

That’s odd. It makes the second player a different colour.

When the game ends it will reopen the tab and HOPEFULLY closethe other so you can requeue.

I’m in the game and how do you shoot the ball i know it says “M2 and M1” but what does that mean

Mouse1 is always left click, Mouse2 is always right click, and mouse3 is scroll wheel press (which no one uses anymore)

You need to be in multiplayer to see the issues. I’d recommend opening two “play” tabs and connecting to yourself.

I opened a new tab and then my old tab got disconnected
Oh someone was on and i was scored but it didnt count