Stop animation without stopping all animations


This is something that has existed since the dawn of flowlab, and whenever you have multiple animations for multiple key directions or multiple inputs, they always try to prioritize over each other, so they may play the wrong animation for the wrong key input, and trying to stop an animation causes all animations to stop, not just the specific animation that you don’t want to loop anymore. When you use animations, and you don’t set it to loop, it doesn’t look right, but when you do set it to loop, even if you are not pressing the buttons anymore, it will continue to loop. If you have a repeating input on a directional key, and that key also goes to a stop, for example left and right, you may find yourself stopping all animations including jump and crouch or whatever you happen to be pressing two keys at the same time for. If there were a way to make it so you could stop specific animations, but not stop all the animations in the entire object, then I could use a far lazier approach for multiple key combinations, rather than using a difficult formula equation for absolute specific key combinations and animations for the generated number of those key presses.

Unless this has just been a long unknown bug, and nobody’s ever brought it up before. In that case it’s a bug report, and not a feature request.