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Just vote, I can’t tell you what it’s for yet! (Not for for a game name)

Aspen cause sounds wasp like and we do enjoy wasps

Oh, btw Celyn is pronounced “Kell - Inn” If anyone was wondering.

Celyn, because celynce is golden

correction, I didn’t read how it was pronounced but I’m not going to change my vote

Lol alrighty, thanks for voting!

Alrighty, Celyn wins!

  • What the name was for
  • Picture of what it was for
  • Soundtrack for what the name is for

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@ManiacPumpkin, @Agent_Y, @meburningslime, the name is for the main character of the game I’m making. The game is going to be a music based game.


Tonight 2??? (this is a joke)

Lol, imagine it just says family friendly under it and all of a sudden it starts booming that music at your ears.

The game is about a kid in their teens (Celyn) who has tourette’s and you have to play music to keep the tic level low. But you don’t “just play music” you have to also use the keys to play music and doing that will move your player around.

If you want more information vote below

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Closing poll at 3 votes

Lol, I voted, here is the soundtrack:

Funky, very nice :face_with_monocle:

Thanks for checking it out.

Wait, you’re the one that asked me about bandlab, right?

Yes, I am that person.

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Nice! Glad that was some help. Here’s a piece that may or may not fit your game, you choose.

Thanks, but how do I make that a mp3?

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