Streaming music

Hey @grazer , is it possible to have a feature that makes music stream through all of the levels? (or from level _ to level _) I’m starting a game where there would be lots of small levels instead of long ones, to prevent lag and make things a bit more easier. Letting the music keep streaming through without stopping every level would be great :slight_smile:

Try making an object on the GUI layer that stays on every level. Sometimes when I test Awakening, if I kill an enemy too fast, the music plays through the loading screens and on other levels. I’ll see why that happens in that game and if it can be done on purpose, unless pixelpizza fixed it.

It’s probably because it switched levels before the music fully loaded, that happens sometimes.

Nah, the level doesn’t change until you walk off screen, and it played for 3 levels until the next boss. He couldn’t get it to happen again. Maybe I can make it intentional, because I also want music to play during loading screens instead of restarting. I noticed objects have a tick for “stay on all levels” and “reset at beginning of level”. If I turn on stay and turn off reset, it may work.

I tried that once… Didn’t work though.

So the bug isn’t fixed yet? @“Mhx Ar”


Can you try again please?

@PixelPizza I haven’t tried since I last mentioned it. I was just using that as an example, since I don’t know if you fixed it. If I knew how it happened then I could do it on purpose.

I think it just was the lag of the music loading for the first time… To fix it i added an Once>Stop music and if the player dies the music stops too… I still don’t know if this fix this but idk what else I can do

Anyway… I still do want this feature :slight_smile:
It’s not fun if the music keeps cutting off every 10 seconds to switch levels

@grazer hoping you saw this