Stucking and Gliding problem

Hello everyone!
I have a problemm that my player get stuck on the ground sometimes but sometimes vice versa he glides even tho I dont press any movement keyts.
How can I fix that?

can we have a game link?


but you want to go to level 1 or 2-1

Are you guys just playing or someone will help me lol?

Im pretty sure the error is with the walking script. The character seems to slide in initial level load, and only then.

The way I seemed to fix this, is by adding a number set to 0, with A and D keys “up” output connecting to “get” in the number. The number’s “out” output connecting to “x” in the velocity.

This stops the player’s movement when the key is un-pressed

but if you connect to the number’s “get” there is no output, right?

oh my bad it’s new update now. i forgot(:

well, it seems that helped
Thanks a lot! it was rlly annoying.

no problem, man.

Nice game, by the way, its pretty fun

Thank you, I really appreciate it)
It’s not fully finished yet tho
But hey subscribe to my youtube channel
I’m actually rn making a video about the whole dev process of this game.