Student can't access team game or log in

I have a student who is unable to access the team game (access appears locked), no one on team is owning up to having locked it. And progress can’t be made without access. Separately, this student is unable to log into her account. I’ve reset the password and it still doesn’t work. Please help. Thanks!

Mrs. Brune

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Hello Ms. Brune,

I’m sorry you’re having trouble.

For issues like this, it’s better to file a support ticket (the “life saver ring” icon at the bottom of the site) so we can discuss account details in private. Also, tickets go directly to me, where forum posts like this might get missed.

Anyway, games can’t be “locked”, so it isn’t the fault of any user - this just means that the current user’s account doesn’t have access to save changes. Can you tell me:

  • The username of the account
  • The name of the game in question (or a link to it)
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ok, thanks! I’ll submit a support ticket.