Student Issues

I am a teacher and I have a student game that seems to have bugs that I can not fix or figure out.

In his game in level 2 that screen will randomly flash “black” for a split second. I can not figure out the issue for this. He has a very large scroll view of 161, I don’t know if that is an issue.

Also halfway through the level his level restarts, I can not figure out any mechanics that would do this. I believe it is a bug.

thanks in advance for your assistance

Hello CCA,

Thanks for reporting this. I have been looking at this level, and I believe that both of the issues you describe are the symptoms of the same issue. When the screen “flashes black” it seems like it is just showing the beginning of the level (which is black) for a brief moment before correcting. Then at some point it displays the beginning of the level, but fails to correct.

This appears to be a problem with the scrolling behavior, not with your students game logic. I’ll investigate further and hopefully can sort out a fix relatively quickly.