Stupid and weird problem

So i know this is a weird problem but how large would i need to make a sprite that would act as a container for a 5 score per page leaderboard?

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just do some testing
start at 160 (5 tall) and move it around
no one knows this off the top of their head, you just have to do some problem solving


ok, sorry for asking for asking about something

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this is why i want discourse to have the option to delete topics

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I don’t understand when you say:

If you need it 5 wide then you just need to multiply it by 32. 5 x 32 = 160.
Although, I don’t really understand what your looking for by how you said it.

Also A, don’t apologize for asking a question about Flowlab.
And B, deleting a post is bad because other people will also be asking the same question time to time.