Stupid Pointless Meaningless Game I made

Out of pure stupidity, I decided to make a random game a while back called Battle Blocks. I began to make other games and forgot about it for a while, but know that I’ve found it again I want to embarrass myself by showing you all the pile of crap I made a long time ago. Its has everything you’d ever want! Peanut brain AI! Lag! Unfair movement speed! Its the whole package. Judge this game as much as you want, I won’t mind some criticism.

Here’s the game:

Enjoy, while I go try to figure out why there is a sound in my basement that sounds like a cat being strangled.


actually a pretty cool game! love the explosion effect!


I like this game!

:partying_face: :tada:

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shooty shooty go brrrrrr


That’s not at all the reaction I was expecting! It got 14 plays, which is a record for me. I might start updating the game again. I’m busy with a few other projects though. We’ll see what happens.

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“A bad game is a good game”