Subject 14 development [DoM connection reveal]

This is where I will store all teasers and info about my latest game “Subject 14”

you will take control of a supervillan named cross with the ability to react to incoming attacks instantly “the counter system”. You will commit street crimes where you will be hunted by the police, until you level up enough to have bigger crimes! But beware! The more you level up the more powerful the hero! Level 2 super hero: the slingshot Level 3 super hero: The dark archer and so on. Once you level up high enough you will have the chance for a world ending event!

If you would like to join the development team you must first tell me:

I am good at pixelart!

I am good at coding!

I am a good voice actor!

I can make you music!


@Ramshacklegamestudios are we supposed to say that you’re all those things or that we can do those things. I’m somewhat decent at pixel art and coding, that’s it, so probably not me, lol.

you only need to state ONE of your talents

Oh, I can try to help, but I’ve been super busy, so I might just get in the way. I can still try and help.

ok =) I’ll add you to the team!

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I invited you!

If you accept can you see if it shows up in “my games?” I put it to not show in the list, and want to make sure you have it

Okay, I accepted. Like I said, I probably won’t be much help, but i’ll try my best :wink:

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and your best is all I ask for :grin:

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Also, @Ramshacklegamestudios and @browngr you both have made some really cool trailer/teasers for your games and I figured that i might snag your ideas and make a trailer for my game as well, but I figured that i would say that I got the idea from you guys. Also @Ramshacklegamestudios not entirely sure why, but your trailer doesn’t seem to work for me for some reason. Just shows the yellow lightning (I think its supposed to be a mask or logo) but when I open the editor it has text and stuff so not entirely sure why it not work. It also said it has sound, but It doesn’t play for me since my ipad is garbage and only plays sound with headphones. I’m sure it works really well, but my ipad just doesn’t play sound so I can’t really tell, lol.

oh lol

well it just shows the mask and plays the audio and when it’s done it destroys the object and shows the text @ManiacPumpkin

Ok, I knew it looked like a mask, but wasn’t entirely sure, lol. Also I knew there was audio, but like I said, it just can’t play for me unless I had headphones, but I don’t take any to school so I can’t actually get the full experience.

ok :grin: Tell me if you are ever able to get the full experience!

In about a few hours I should be able too. Can’t wait.

sounds great Tell me if you have any ideas!

Question, is Subject 14 gonna be similar to GTA 5 with the star system, but instead of you being a thief, your just a super villain and instead of cops it’s other super hero’s. Also is it like an open world game, cause that would be a very cool game.

I never actually thought of it like that!

Yeah, that’s basically what it is!

But when you are level 1 cops chase you! When you reach level 2 super hero’s start to try and thwart you!

@ManiacPumpkin just a re-tag :grin:

im not that good at art but I do have a friend who might help you

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Cool! I’ll take any help I can get!