Sublime Slime!

I want to review some games, as I see that’s basically the latest fad here in the flowniverse, so I will be jundging off of three categories:
Art&Sound 1-10
Controls 1-10
Difficulty 1-10
Difficulty will be based upon how hard YOU wanted your game to be, so please let me know when you post a game!

Now I will add a point to your score for a storyline!

In the words of… Me, “There is no such thing as unbiased”.


Take a look at this!
The game is intended to be hard as fk.

Great Game!
Reminds me of D&D somewhat, although a little more HP or just a checkpoint would help. I know it’s supposed to be SUPER hard, but frustrating is not something a game should have.
Art & Sound- 6/10
Controls- 10/10
Difficulty- 7/10
TOTAL: 7/10
Great game! controls are so easy I didn’t even have to think on them. You did use Tutorial images sometimes, but definetley has potential. Love how you incorporated original art!

@meburningslime it is D&D inspired, out current campaign actually.

What’s the final boss?

I didn’t get that far. like I said, checkpoints.

A good multiplayer function would beawesome, but not necessary.

@meburningslime How dare you review a game without finishing it?
I have serious doubts you even passed the first boss.
It’s a free account so no Multiplayer.
Checkpoints are for noobs, In D&D when you die, you die.

Would you rather me nevrr review your game? You said yourself it’s too hard to finish. Also, in D&D you can make a new character.

I do apologise, though. I will try to finish the game and if you want, re-review it.


Hey, check the bottom of my website! You may see something you like!

Thanks @Crigence

Here’s my game, I got it reviewed a few times already, but I could use some further advice. (Only One Way)

Thanks! I will try to review ot today!

Oh and @“Daniel Folston” you can ask @rcreger and @crigence if they ever finish games… THEY DONT

@meburningslime someone’s salty. To each it’s own I say, To me you should be able to finish a game before reviewing it. I do at least.

You are calling me salty.
‘How dare you…’
I think I can feel salty about that.

Well, @“Daniel Folston” and @meburningslime , I sort of finished it. I basically kinda moved he character around to test out certain areas, but yeah, I did beat the boss (The first one, mind you). But honestly @“Daniel Folston” , a lot of us, @Crigence , me, and @meburningslime most likely don’t finish the game, as we are also busy with other stuff as well.

However, at least for me, I try to look around in the editor to understand puzzles and some animations, along with some of the coding if there is a glitch.

Me too.

Oh, and get on with @SomeGuy542 's “Only One Way”, @meburningslime ! I liked that one a lot!