Sublime Slime!

@SomeGuy542 this is one of the largest games Iv’e seen on flowlab! I wanna build one now!
Definetly keep up the good graphics – although the player could use some work.
Could you add some animations?
Great overall gameplay!
Is this original music? I love it regardless!
PLEASE add some sort of health pack.
Art&Sound 8/10
Controls 9/10
Difficulty 7/10
TOTAL: 8/10
Great game! couldn’t praise this enough! Good job.

Told ya’ @meburningslime . I loved what @SomeGuy542 came up with that game.I actually gave it an 8.5/10 for it, so we aren’t so far apart with agreeing with that.

Well, I would, but if I do decimals, it would be like:
…You get the point.

If u want here

I don’t put specific scores for each of the categories you have. I just look through the notes I took and decide what score it leans closer to @meburningslime .

Hey @meburningslime , how’d you like to review some of my games? Here is my older one, A Little Evil: .

Then, of course, A Boy in Armor: . Thanks!

@nkbulider this was… interesting…
I LOVE the gameplay! but the storyline might need some…work.
Art&Sound- 7/10
Controls- 8/10
Difficulty- 9/10
TOTAL: 8/10
I know I might be biased for hatinh horror, but still, it’s flowlab! Definetly made me jump!
Good graphics… I think.
Might want to originate some music or ask @Eric_Matyas for something.
The controls were a little hard, for the player kept sliding or running too fast.
Overall a great game! Would give 10/10 for art except the music is just flowlab.

Ok. As I said in the description, please tell me how hard the game should be. This one was frickin hard!
Art&Sound- 8/10
Controls- 9/10
Difficulty- 10/10
TOTAL- 9/10
Once again, I might be the most biased person in the whoniverse, but the game is overall fun. Maybe tell the players that the blue floaty thingies are one-shot kill?
I don’t know why, but I was expecting a boss battle. Maybe add that in?
Difficulty is 10/10 because I’ll assume you wanted that game to be that hard… and you did it!
PS Love the graphics! :slight_smile:

I wanna cry!!!
Art&Sound- 9/10
Controls- 10/10
Difficulty- 9/10
TOTAL- 9/10
There is only storyline, and WHY IS IT SO SAD??? I know that’s the game, but why not end it with a dash of happiness? this is soo SAAAAAAD!!!
Oh, and why not add battles or something?

I am actually thinking about adding some battle sort of battle sequence @meburningslime , it is just that I don’t want the player to accidentally win :lol: But you can actually attack things, they just won’t do anything to you. This is very story driven, so that is why there really isn’t any difficulty (Only difficulty is to try not crying :lol: ).

And I was going for a very artistic feel, so you have to also look at that, since that is what I really wanted. I wanted to bring out the arts, changing music and some art throughout (I have a book on game storytelling, and one way if through the environment). But thank you for the review! I have been working on this for a while, and I did forget to tell you this game is meant to have no exact difficulty, much more like a TellTale game where you make decisions (Which you can’t do in FlowLab, sadly). Thanks again!

EDIT: You may want to put an @ with someone’s username so they can see this, since I didn’t before. And maybe more description for the scores? Thanks!

Oh wow! I didn’t even notice you did one on A Little Evil either. Thanks for that one (Honestly, it isn’t hard to me)! I first that one to establish my ground, and get used to FlowLab, A Boy in Armor is supposed to be something FlowLab hasn’t had before. Thanks @meburningslime !

@rcreger You are welcome. By the way, a Boy in Armor is sad, but a choose-your-own-adventure would be great! I didn’t realize the game wasn’t finished, either. Good luck!
PS Oh, and you CAN make a choose your own adventure.
PSS I’m probably just really horrible at parkourish stuff.
PSSS Why am I still writing PSs?

I changed your rating because you told the difficulty. Hey, maybe if you do a second one, hopefully not one that’ll make me cry, you could just maje it in a digital book format instead, because it is purely story, not ANY combat or user interaction.

Well, there is combat, but it isn’t necessary @meburningslime (It is the space bar to attack, it also says in the description, “S” to sprint forward and “A” to sprint backward). And how could I make a choose-a-story while using messaging, or without using any more objects? I would like to know. Thanks!

I got a new name for this discussion:

How about The Sublime Slime?

Oke doke!

Bring me your worst… or best… or both? I don’t know.
I forgot to have ya review it

Hey @“Biscuit Butter” i will get to your game, but due to techilnical difficulties it is currently inaccessible to me at the time.

@MagmaDude100 I will do your game first thing in the morning!

@MagmaDude100 Great Job! I really enjoyed playing this game.
A couple of bugs are in the game. First, whenever you shoot, all of the guns shoot!
Second, the minigun is not working.
Finally, maybe make a circle hitbox? Getting though doors is all the challenge!
Finally, maybe some animations?

Art&Sound- 6/10

Controls- 6/10

Difficulty- 8/10


TOTAL- 7/10

Ingenious game! just fix those things and it will be perfect!