Submit Your Games (Review)


Hello, I am Lyndon, a flowlab creator, like most reading this.
I have decided to be productive, and will review games left in the comments of this post in video format to then post to whichever social media platform I decide. Each video will take a handful of submitted games, and go into a detailed review about the following subjects. I will try to be as honest and unbiased as possible.
The categories for judgement are as follows:

Fun Rating

Fun Rating

This subject will go through how fun the game is to play.
Is it easy? Is it hard? Does it need a certain feature to make it more enjoyable?
This subject is influenced by:

  • Level Design
    How creative are the game levels? How diverse are the game levels? Does the level design work well with the theme of the game?
  • Creativity
    How creative is the game idea? How much thought and effort was put into it? How original is the game theme?
  • Overall Enjoyment
    How fun is the game overall? How enjoyable are the levels?
Game Smoothness

Game Smoothness

This subject depicts how smoothly the game guns.
Does the game have lag? Are any features left out? How jank is the code?
This subject is influenced by:

  • Lag
    How laggy is the game? Pretty self-explanatory.
  • Included Features
    Does the game have the features required to run smoothly? Is it missing anything needed?
  • Playability
    Do the controls work? Do the characters function? Does the game itself even run?


This subject goes over the artwork in the game.
How professional does it look? Does it look sloppy, or is it passable? Did the art come from a sprite-pack? Is the art inspired by other people’s work, or is it all original?
This subject is influenced by:

  • Pixel Constancy
    How consistent are the sprite pixels? How much do they vary?
  • Detail
    How detailed are the sprites? Are they simple? Are they detailed beyond the point of recognition?
  • Creativity
    How creative are the sprites? Are they your own work? Are they inspired by someone else’s art?


This subject depicts the game’s sound.
How does the sound/music fit the game? Is there enough? Is there too much? Are you even allowed to use the music?
This subject is influenced by:

  • Music
    How well does the music fit the game? Does the soundtrack vary? Is the song annoying to listen to?
  • Sound Effects
    How well do the sound effects match the gameplay? Are there even sound effects? Are there too much sound effects?
  • Creativity
    Did you create the music yourself? Is it bearable to listen to? Is it original, and or is it similar to other songs?

Each category has a rating from 1-5 stars. 1 star being low quality, 5 star being high quality. The final score is determined by the average rating of the categories.
Please follow the submission format below to submit games.

Submission Format

-Username- (i.e. @Lyndon_Bork )
-Game link-
-Twitter @- (optional)
-Information to know before playing-

Thanks <3

– Lyndon


Edit: Actually, I think I’m going to wait until I finish it to submit.


I would type a bit of a description but I’m on phone right now so typing is kinda painful. But just a quick informative outline, the game is pretty much done except for the fact that it doesn’t really have an ending yet. I which I do plan for that, I guess this review is kinda seeing what you think of the game and what should be added or fixed.
The game does save so you can return to your progress at a later time. The shop is fully complete, but if there are any bugs then please let me know.
And that should be about it.


This is going to eventually be a collection of mini-games but right now the only playable one is “Picture Poker” so if you’re going to review it, just review that one :+1:

My game doesn’t have sounds and I cant get an mp3 URL so I guess ignore the first level.

I made a rage game, so don’t like, uh, rage?


@sans7657 Found A Way To Skip The First Level, If You Jump And Time You Movements Correctly Then You Can Jump From The First 4 Coins To The End Goal.

NOOOOOOO!!! I didn’t notice. Thanks for letting me know. Other than that, how did you like the game?

Is this…

Still alive, or…

yeah i’m finished with the scripts, and i’m waiting for a prime time to record as to avoid background noise


Okay, thats fine. I just haven’t heard from you in a while so i wasn’t sure if you were doing reviews at the moment. Well, continue with your day, lol.


bruh i broke your ping pong :laughing: now just slides