Suggestions for AI

Ok, so I want something challenging to make. Some sort of AI thats not to difficult but not to easy. I will use this knowledge when making other games.

I’ve already made 3 different types of AI:

*Space ship AI,

*Racing AI,

*Plat-former AI,

Feel free to give me suggestions on what to do next. Something new that I haven’t done yet.

Fighting type, like a sword or fist fight simular to a fighting game.

2d or topdown @“JR 01”?

2d preferred

there not much I can do for 2d, can I do it 3d @“JR 01”?


i made an AI for a soccer game im making

@“JR 01” With the current glitches, I cant do this, fell free to check out the game though, There just 2 different Ai that are supposed to fight.