Suggestions for 'Spaceship' Sprite

For all of the Space Ace games (if you’ve played them), one of the main things mentioned is ‘Why a light bulb?’
It was a prototype that stuck, like Kirby, basically.

But for my new game, Space Ace Chronicles (The final installation), I’m giving you an opportunity to put in what you’d like as a playable sprite. Of course I’ll probably do a classic Space Invaders-like one, but any sort of suggestion will be taken into account, then allowing players to select up to 10 different skins to play as during the game

Now get to brainstorming :smiley:


B92319F3-1585-4015-ADC1-AAD82F3E044C heres a design by me. Youre free to use it.

Its a sprite I never got around to implimenting in Starblast 3, but I came up with a recolor that I found was better, so heres the original sprite

I will gladly accept it and credit you =D I will post to you when I implement it later today. Thank you


Heres one I styled to resemble space invaders, but gave it a more spaceshippy look…


Whoops. That size was unintended

It really does resemble space invaders :smile: sweet