Suggestions for story animation

Do any of you have a good system for making a beginning story animation? I’m making one that takes up the entire screen. You can’t have that many animation frames in one object or else it will go over the memory limit. What happens if I do do it over the limit? How would I work around that easily? I know I could do alpha and stack the objects, but that seems super complicated.

You can use a smaller sprite and size it up and/or use different objects. If you go over the memory limit it could affect game performance.

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Do smaller sprites have larger memorys?

Not really, it’s just cuz they’re smaller so they don’t take as much memory. And for your bigger object, it is okay to pass the limit, nothing too much should happen(?), it’s just a recommendation (probably meant for more weaker devices). You could test it out on weaker devices first. If you’re targeted audience have powerful gaming pc, then you’re fine.


I’m not too sure about it since I’ve never made huge animations (not a great artist lol). Just test it out :grin:

Smaller sprites don’t have more memory, they just take up less.

A 1x1 sprite has 1024 animation frames, but a 2x2 has 256 because it covers 4 times more space. So it’s not that smaller sprites have more memory, they just take up less because there is less area in each frame.