SUMMER JAM 2023: Elementally, My Dear Watson

Hi all! @JR01 and I teamed up for this jam and made a short point-and-click adventure. Play as Mrs. Hudson, an intrepid London housekeeper who has to solve a dastardly mystery. Collect and combine items, follow the clues and see what happens.

Good luck and congrats to all the flowjammers that participated in Summer Jam 2023. Please let us know how you did and go vote.

If you do a stream and play it, let us know so we can watch!


We both made point and click games about detectives lol

Nice work, you guys!


Oh my gosh. THIS IS INSANE.

I am very confused (also camera broke for me twice preventing me from moving)

Where were you when the camera broke?

First step after discovering the body is to run around the apartment and pick up a bunch of stuff. You cant solve the puzzles without having/using the right items.

You’re game looked awesome. The art was top notch and im a sucker for moody point and clicks. Love the limited color pallette too. Very nice.

Ut was cool to see such very different styles between the two similar detective based clickers. I wish i had more time for all my flavor text and exposition.


very silly game.
very fun game.

I was back at the door, I heard knocking as if Mrs Houdson was about to walk in and then the camera wouldn’t move. This happened after I added some of the ingredients to the chemistry set

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This guy’s a legend. I mean Todor robot.

Oh. Were you playing for longer than 10 minutes? There’s an invisible time limit that has a coulpe of cops show up at the door and haul you away for murder if you dawdle too long, but i dont think it actually connects to the “bad ending” oops (but you can select it from the level selector in the editor)This text will be blurred


Thanks! I appreciate the enthusiasm :smiley:

And for any who are curious: it’s tod-or-robot. I’m Tod … or am i? (Beep boop)

Oh, ok.

… You are. I doubt JR01 would partner with a robot.

Oh maybe then, guess I was just slow to figure out all the puzzles

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You’re not the only one. I was still pretty lost during most of it, and combinations of items that I thought would work didn’t.
Also I’m still unsure how to even use the items. I think you drag it out of the inventory to the area needed, but when the inventory is pulled up, it covers half your screen so you have to move out of the way or place it precisely.

It’s an interesting concept, but I was very lost as well, lol.

I totally agree. The final interface was not ideal but for a jam it was all we could do. Throwing the items out of your inventory but not directly on the target works as long as youre standing on the correct footprint placement.

Also ran out of time for the majority of the flavor text and exposition, but JR did a good job adding hint text to the inventory so there was at least something to tell people what things were.

Here are a few tips and a few hints:


  1. The game doesnt always inform you when you click and something is added to your inventory so check it often to see if you clicked and retrieved something unexpectedly.

  2. The flavor text in the inventory is a little vague but does help.

  3. Inventory doesn’t have to land directly on the target but you do have to be standing on the corre t set of footprints (due to the prox checks not hitting in certain areas). If something doesnt work like you think, try it from one spot over.

Hints: the first puzzle you can complete is the fireplace puzzle. You collect the item needed early in the game

Two puzzles have important hidden clues that you will need to solve them those are the clock and the record player the answers are there somewhere (and make sure your sound is on for one of them).

The chemistry experiment needs 6 items. You cant complete it without all the parts and they need to be added to the table in the correct order. One item is a flint and steel bunsen burner lighter which isnt a very recognizable tool

This should get you started. See if you get stuck from there.


The chemistry lab table was easy for me since I took two years of chemistry so most of that made sense, but a lot of the other stuff was confusing. One in particular was the clock hand or the tool that was used to wind up the clock. For some reason I couldn’t use it on it, unless I was supposed to craft it with something else, but then again, the game was very bland on informing you, but I did enjoy the entire chemistry part as it was one of my favorite subjects. I’m actually glad someone introduced the periodic table of elements into the flowjam because that was an idea I had thought of if I did participate.

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:rofl:[spoiler] I was about to brush the teeth of the skull before the camera glitched

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Ive updated the description on the game page to include a bunch of the above tips and hints (and more).

Were you playing for longer than 10 minutes? Theres an invisible timer that should end the game when the police show up, but i apparently forgot to hook it up to go to the bad ending.

@ManiacPumpkin do you know what time to set the clock to? The answer is hidden in the apartment somewhere.

Did you unlock the record player? The combination is also hidden in the apartment.

Also the skull has two uses.


I couldn’t figure out the time on the clock. I tried brute forcing the combinations, but it still wasn’t working so I assumed it was missing that clock hand or item.

Sadly, I only played it the one time and I didn’t get very far, but I’ll probably give it a second chance when I get some time.