Summer Jam theme?

WARNING: This is based on nothing and I have no insider information.

This is just a GUESS.

But what if the theme is: The Olympics?

It’s timely. It’s got world-wide appeal. And games are games! If the theme WAS the Olympics what event would you try to make? Summer or Winter.

I would go straight to Track-n-Field or Atari’s Summer, Winter and California Games and try to grab some inspiration for something like the bobsled, or javelin?

@Agent_Y was it you who was trying to make a pole vault at one time?


That would be a cool theme but I think it’s a bit too specific, but I don’t know so :upside_down_face:


I think it’d be cool to have a “the game is self-aware” theme. I really wanna test that one out.


That would be interesting. I would go for a sledding minigame where at the end you jump as far as you can with different items and obstacles that could boost you up or down. Personally though I don’t think Olympics will be the theme.


Well, it seems like that one game mechanic were the bar slides up and down before you launch, and the level of the bar determines how much you launch…


Yeah, that was Agent_Y making a pole vault test at one time.


Here’s my hypothesis:
Personally, I think the theme will be something more akin to “made for mobile.”
(That isn’t really a theme, but I think it’s a fun idea :man_shrugging: )

  1. Tablets are the prize
  2. The winning game will be exported to both Google Play and Apple App store
  3. I believe Grazer mentioned wanting to see more Flowlab mobile games out there before

Oooh made for mobile? I can do that.

Candy Crush in a steampunk universe with farms. Lots and lots of microtransaction type “upgrades” that you can buy for $29.99 each.

Nailed it. :+1:


I’m gonna guess platformer as the theme (or one of the sub themes)

You might be on to something! :rofl:

But, as of yet, I haven’t seen anyone in Flowlab make a viable falling shifting matching block type game.



Okay, I’m still very new to all of this coding stuff, but I’m thinking that something like this must be theoretically possible in Flowlab…

5 different colored moveable blocks. Set each block to check blocks adjacent to it. If adjacent blocks left and right, or top and bottom are same color as center block, set block to destroy itself and same color adjacent blocks, send score to player for each block destroyed. If more than 3 blocks are adjacent to each other, have the center block replaced with a “bonus” block that can be clicked on to destroy even more blocks.

Have above blocks affected by gravity so that they fall down. Have the top section spawn a random colored block downward whenever the space below them is unoccupied by a block.

I think probably the hardest part to code would be setting it so that the player can mouse click (or finger press) and drag one block to “switch spaces” with an adjacent block.

That kind of a project is far above my current skill level, but… if I get enough practice and learn enough in the next few months, and nobody has done it yet, I will probably try to make at least a basic block matching game.

And then I’ll patent my spaghetti and sell it for one million dollars. :laughing: Just kidding!

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