Sup3r's game reviews!

Hey all! I’ve decided to start one of these review pages. Feel free to drop a game you want reviewed in the comments anytime! I don’t have a structure (yet?) but I will do my best to provide constructive criticism, strengths/weaknesses etc.

Note that it may take me some time to reply to some of these. Thank you!


Here’s a game that I made a while back. I’m currently working on a much larger project that has the same art style, but much more organized and more enjoyable to play (in my opinion)

I need as much feedback as I can get on my facility themed games to hopefully help give me ideas for my new game.


My current largest game:

This is my most ambitious project so far and arguably is the most funny. I would like a review of it please. Also, this game might even be my most often reviewed game besides taile gamougg 3: Journey Through the Land of Blocks.

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This was my last Flowjam game.

lmk what you like/ would change. I’m going to eventually update it, and any feedback would be huge.


It’s like Little Alchemy
Little Alchemy - Enjoy Playing This Fun & Interesting Casual Game

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This game is interesting! I don’t know a whole lot about SCP but it’s still a neat thing to make a game based off of

-I really liked the different encounters/elements, like scientists, cameras
-the furniture helps add depth to the scene
-the sounds fit with the scenery

-I wish there was a visual way to see you’ve been detected by the cameras. When I got detected by accident I didn’t know until there was a sound effect, then I died. If I was playing with audio off I would’ve been very confused.
-there should be more furniture/ambient items! The hallways feel a bit bland. Add decorations like potted plants, maybe posters etc. If you want to keep the SCP foundation feel, add doors to areas under construction, patched cracks/damages in walls next to rooms with harmful SCPs, etc etc.
-movement feels a little slow. I would suggest speeding it up, but then again there isn’t a sprint option

-you should add some kind of minimap! I got kind of lost in the maze and overwhelmed. Minimaps help players understand where they are and coordinate around better.

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This game’s got good ideas thrown around! I can definitely feel the “big project” energy it gives off. A lot’s been put into it!

-I really love the wall outlets detail! Really makes the levels feel more like a house. consider wall posters or windows (as much larger sprites)!
-the youtube cutscene is something I haven’t seen others do before!
-the amount of characters makes the map worth exploring

-the game’s blocks need more detail! I’d reccomend making blocks that have outlines, and different ones for different shapes, kind of like terraria.
-the text under the game is pretty hard to read. I’d make the font bigger, change the text to be brighter or just change the font.
-It’d be nice to add a button that takes you back to the menu instantly!

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Wow! You sound just as positive as me but more positive! Thanks for the review!


Finally someone who gets the map design of open-world/linear level hybrid games.

This exists, just press ` on your keyboard.

More detail, sure, but I don’t think outlines are really my style.

On it, thanks!

Thank you! Its supposed to be a warped platformer perspective of my own house. I’ve already added posters, but I’ll consider adding windows too.

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Thanks for the review, now I know what all to work on for the new game.

Also the Scepter Foundation series is inspired by SCP, but it’s not directly linked in any way. All character and entity ideas were from me and a few others on here as well.

The Heuchler was kind of a bland game that needed a lot of work, since it was made for a game jam, but I do plan on making a final game that is much more better.

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This game is super unique! I’ve never seen this done on flowlab before.

-throwing items together is satisfying and rewarding.
-the art/spritework is good! a few sprites are possible to be confused though, like the ingots/bars
-the story at the start is a neat addition
-the delete/hammer add some depth, notably the hammer.

-the spritework could be a little better. some extra details to the many items can make the game feel more vibrant.
-i’d suggest a collision based merging system (after mouse is released) to merge items together. i found when you placed some items on others, one had to be placed on another for a merge to happen in a certain orientation.
-adding a “exit fullscreen” button somewhere can make life easier for mobile users.
-some kind of effect when items are merged would be cool!


review this… but please don’t reveal too much

Note: not finished yet

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Hey, thanks for the review! The suggestions you gave are very helpful, but I have a few questions about them.

What kind of details did you have in mind for the art? I’ve been looking for a way to upgrade the art but I’m unsure how.

Also, I’m pondering a particle emitter as a merge effect. Is that paired with the existing sfx enough or should I add more?

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Can you review my game please?

As for the art, I’d reccomend watching a few tutorials on pixel art and color theory. There are things like hue shading that can make a game look extra good to the eye. I’d like to see more shine on the objects like bars, maybe the furnace too. ATM the sprites feel a little… dull? Maybe that’s the artstyle, but I feel like giving extra shine and vibrance to items can go a long way.

As for a merge effect, having the sfx along with it would be enough. You could add extra depth by adding text that says “crafted x!” but that may take a while. My advice would be for the newly created item to emit a few sparkes, flash white and start at ~130% size before going down to 100% on spawn. This however is just how I would animate it. You could do a hammer with smoke instead for example.

This game’s got a lot of potential!

The rotating when moving is something I always like to see in games. Something apart from the standard run animation.
The game is well animated! It feels smooth to play, and theres a lot of care put into it.
The animations and cutscenes are really good! I liked the effects and neat transitions when hitting things, finishing levels or the end of game foreshadow.

The double jump mechanic should be fixed, or chucked. I found it to be working around 10% of the jumps. Double jumps are fun, but I actually had to manually skip the first level to go to the next one!
The puzzles are fun but should be redone. For example, in level 2 and 3 you have to move a box to a spot, but if you hit the box wrong you can softlock yourself. I’d reccomend putting the box on a track, so it can only move in a certain line. I wasn’t able to manually pass level 3 because I couldn’t get the box in the hole right.

Overall this is a very good start and I look forward to seeing what you do with it! - Alpaca Raceway

I’m going to be updating it in a couple of weeks, but before then I’d like to get a review of it.

thanks for reviewing fast! :slight_smile:

thats weird, i never intended for a double jump… maybe i should fix that

i’m seeing a trend here… no one knows how to pass the first level, i’m really sorry about that. you have to push the box to the edge of the chasm, jump off the box, and then zap the box and jump off the box in midair, it might be kind of complex for the first level

that seems like a good idea, thanks

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literally ruined the whole secrecy of the game -_-

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i’ll delete my review. but honestly why would you ask for a review but not want me to… review the game? there were three levels and 1 mechanic. there wasnt much to review in the first place

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True don’t know why I asked for one

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