Super Blocky Adventure! (cancelled)

cancelled. (2020202020202)

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Question, is @The_Undying going to be helping us with this project or no. Sorry, I probably should have sent this as a private message, but I figured that he needed to see this since I did add him to the dev team.

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i dont know honestly, i told him you added him and he never responded.

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i guess nobody saw this r something?

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@XXD3G Can You Message Me A Link To Your Profile?

DUh im joining, though i may be on and off on this project because im still working on the flowlab all stars a bit, sorry i was out for the weekend.

I pretty much was super busy all weekend as well, lol. I only got on through my phone at night to check up is anyone needed something from me. Glad to have you back.

good to be back(20 characters later)

check the glitchy level, there is a thingy labeled multiplayer in parenthesis if you see those make them multiplayer ok?

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Alright, got it. Shared object, or player object? I’m assuming shared, but if there are going to be other players then it might need to be player object.

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player object ssssssssssssssss

Okay, which one you guys remade the game. It looks pretty cool, but I’m wondering why platformer horror games are starting to become very popular, lol.

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i did, i changed my mind xD (20202020220)

It looks like a similar concept to mine, lol. Although yours looks like a top-down game, but is actually a platformer (I think).

I might have to use a smiler design for the outlets cause I didn’t think about that.

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link? (post must be at least 20 characters)

This was more of a team discussion @witherdragon4. The game currently has be reformed into something else. Super Blocky Adventure is just a concept now.

could you make a sprite to give me an idea on what you want your character for FAS to look like?