Super Blocky Racing All-Stars Test Build

You may now play test the game. I’m sure there are a lot of bugs so please tell me if you find anything.

The available characters are Blaze, Inferno, Flora, and Cloud.

I am aware that 2 items are not complete:

Barrage: (Triple rocket item)
Firework: (Single rocket item)


Ice: A snowball projectile that can be thrown ahead of you.
Bubble (x3): A bubble trap that can be thrown behind you.
Boost (x3): Gain a great burst in speed for a short duration.
Shield: Can blocky any attack for a short duration. (Grants Invincibility)
Warp Speed: Gain a chain of short bursts of speed.
Shock: Strike all enemy racers with a mighty shock of lighting.
UFO: Warps to the player in first and spins them out on contact.
Distortion Field: Distorts all enemy racer’s vision.
Phantom: Transform into a ghost and gain a slight speed increase. (Grants Invincibility)
All-Star: Fly at great speeds through the track while unleashing powerful projectiles. (Grants Invincibility)


When you gain the ability, spam the item button (O) to shoot projectiles.


If you have an Ice powerup, you can turn around quickly and throw it so it sends the opposite way.

Do not use a boost or warp speed powerup while you are climbing a wall, this will waste it’s effect.

When you have a bubble powerup, jump before you release it. Since it moves up and down, it will catch any racer that tries to either evade it from the bottom or from the top.

I recommend you have a powerful laptop that can run this game.


I am also aware that you have infinite jumps when colliding with the pathfinding object.

Please let me know how you like/dislike it. :slight_smile:

Trick boosts are now added! Press (P) at the right moment when colliding with a stunt ramp to perform a trick boost.

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Quake item is now complete! Press (P) at the right time during the final blow to avoid spinning out and losing your item! All-Star is the only item that cannot be lost because of it’s rarity.

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I figured out why racers will become invincible for the entire race. I had the invincibility global connected to value of a filter instead of in. Now, you can enjoy vulnerability! :grin:


You now have a small chance to pull a UFO in 6th and 7th place instead of only 7th. This increases the chances of catching up with a racer in first if they are too far ahead.




I got the 3 boosts one time, is there a specific probability? I like the bubbles but I had to hang onto it until I was in close proximity, the snowballs are only good if you can see someone, otherwise I just turn back and randomly shoot

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Nice! What difficulty did you choose?

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Yesss, every single item has a probability based on what place you are in.

:nauseated_face:easy, im sorry, but im a noob

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Lollll, this game takes skill. I get destroyed on Expert mode sometimes. I guess the bots are too smart. :blush:

also, for some reason, this dont work\ (the special ability)

also, the frame rates improved, but now its too much raycasts and proximity, and if you spam space bar you can jump on invisible blocks

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You keep spamming the item button while moving to get a slight boost, it will not work if you are standing still. Also you have to play the game by selecting a difficulty mode then choosing your character for the bots to know what they should do and how they should play.

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probably cause its set to collision “any” so turn collisions off on any AI guiding tools

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What’s set to any?

the collisions, in run and jump,

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and since these have colisions turned on, it technically means when the character hits that, it can jump on top of that