Super Mario 2D World - I need Boss music!

So I replaced King Goomba with Bowser, but when in the proximity of Bowser I want some boss music to play. Who can possibly make some?

I’m lookin’ at you @jngthree.

Maybe something in here?

Or maybe

Whoo! Im a little tired of requests right now. Im under a little stress

I found an incredible website that gives away free Video Game Music and some movies too! Everyday they are adding new soundtracks. Don’t worry, its not a scammer website. All you do is type what soundtrack you are looking for, find the album, click on the song you want, and save the Mp3 audio to your computer! Its that simple!
This the link to the website,, THIS is a link to Super Mario Bros the first game music,, and THIS is to Super Mario Bros three if you want, Just make sure to tribute them, they do a lot of work for a non-profit organization

This is from 2016. Don’t comment on really old posts.
@“Cap. Red Crab”