Super Mario 2D World: Update Log

8/6/2018 - Sprites were created for: Ice Block, Goomba, Buzzy Beetle, Spiny, Boo, and Axe Bridge
8/7/2018 - Sprites were created for: Grass Block (and alts.), Brick Block
8/8/2018 - Sprites were created for: Mario, Double Cherry, Underground Block (and alts.) | Programming was created for: Mario, Double Cherry, Goomba
9/24/2018 - Game will continue to be worked on on 12/25/2018, besides a few minor edits. Hang in there, the beta will be released on Summer 2019.

Play the Alpha here:

Very nice! I’ve always liked the Super Mario World animations for Mario. Good job in a short time.

Thank you!

Also, I’m curious where you got the sprites from. They may help in making my Mario game.

Good rendition of the cherry power-up.

@BitWit Stop spamming.

@PixelStudios I am sorry for spamming, and I meant no harm by it.

@BitWit Its cool when youre cool