Super Oreo Adventure!

Heyo Peopleo,

It is I OreoTreo. Now this is not my first time making a game. But might be my 4th. So I kinda have experienced game-development. Now I don’t use pixel art as much, but use real life props. This game is all about saving Milk Lake City. Technically, You live in a big cup that is suppose to be filled with milk! If you think about it you live under-milk! So someone, blocked the fountain of milk, so now milk lake city, is now dry lake city! You go on a quest to go see what is wrong with the fountain of milk. I have plans for this game already, and have it on paper. But I think I will not show because how many spoilers it has. Updates will be here soon!


This game sounds interesting.


Day 1
According to my paper, there will be a lot of secret places and hidden spots. But for now I am wokring on Hershey’s Street! This is a quiet and peaceful street! Here is how it looks like!
Screenshot 2023-01-28 at 4.52.31 PM

Screenshot 2023-01-28 at 4.51.27 PM


Heyo Peopleo!

Today I am going to start adding the power ups to my game! First there will be a carton of milk. This will make you immortal for 7 secs. Second power up, Cream Sandwich. This will give you a permanent ability to dash. Third ability, This will recharge your dash ability when you are in the air.


Hey Peopleo!

I am trying to add obstacles to my game. The obstacles that I put in my game already is, Spikes, moving platforms, lasers. What else should I add?


Day 3

I have added the second floor of the cup. According to my sketches, the dash will be at then end of the floor. Now here is how I plan the game to go. Every 2 levels, the obstacles will get harder. Here is the map so far! I also added easter eggs from random songs, movies, and games!


Heyo Peopleo!

It has been 6 days in total! Tomorrow I will show you level 3. Then one will be, probably on of the biggest level, in the whole game! I also plan to add character customization!