Super Squid Bros Help and Updates

Help: The Movable platform does not move, I’ve tried grazers but that doesn’t work either can you give me some advice or screenshots to change my code (Sorry to bug during the Flowjam).

Updates: Might add more costumes and update graphics to be more like Mario should I do it or keep it the way it is?



You could use times and the +x and +y in a positioning block. That works really well for moving objects without velocity. Velocity or Impulse generally can be hard to predict their movement so it can be kind of confusing, but with the positioning, you can make it move to the left so many and then back to the right so many with the precise amount.

Lets say you have a gap that is 5 blocks wide and completely uncross able by player. Add the moving platform to the far right (example) and add a timer that repeats 20 times. Then add that to a number and set the number to +8, make this number go into the +x of the position block. That platform will then move exactly 5 blocks to the left in a smooth fashion. Then to go back right, just add a filter or something to detect when the positioning is at 160 and then do the exact same above except with -8.
Although what I said is just an example, your gaps in your game might vary between different sizes so a little bit of math is required, but it does have a nice smooth transition back and forth. Plus any object on top won’t slide around, (I think). You can try out this method and hopefully this helps.
I’m not saying you have to use the position block, but it always tends to work out for me and like I said, its much easier to move stuff with.

Note: every block in the game or grid space is 32 pixels. The Position Block uses pixels or grid, but when doing a movement like a moving platform, I would recommend using pixels since you can get a smooth transition. You could try using grid, but the movement would be very low fps looking, unless you use decimals which were recently added.

Anyway I hope this helps.

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I know this might make you angry but can you take a screenshot if you could?
(You dont have to)

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I sadly don’t have time today. I’ll try tomorrow if I can get a chance to, if not then I’m sure Jr 01 can help you.