Support Unit Example

Here’s an example showcasing a way to make movable support items (like drones and shadows) in a game!

P.S. it’s my first time actually giving the player walking animations


Nice, but I’d fix a few things if I were you:

  • Using velocity for y-axis rather than impulse
  • Having the support unit get 0 velocity, up > 0 x and y velocity (applies for all keys)
  • Turn on key repeating (applies for all keys)

I’m not sure how to do any of those. for the first one I’d have to change the forward direction, right?


no… just use a negative to go left and positive to go right. (x velocity)

negative to go up and positive to go down. (y velocity)

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uhhhhhh for the rest it’s pretty explanatory…

._. when the key goes up, it gets 0 velocity x and y…

to turn on key repeating just click on a key behavior and enable “repeating”…

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