Survival in the Wilderness Devlog!

Add in bosses.


I can’t place anything, is that in the game yet?

Also the tree leaves look kinda out of place.

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You cant place anything because you haven’t collected anything.

I think a way to build or craft simple machines would be nice. Like a well, pulley, wagon, or even a car with a motor. But you’d have to build these things by collecting items just like you already have to collect stuff for building.

Oh no I’ve collected wood and dirt.

did you press 2 3 4 or 5?
Dirt is slot 1 and wood is slot 6.
Send a screenshot?

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Uh yeah hang on lemme just reload the game.

Screenshot 2023-12-07 1.18.13 PM
See I have stuff but i’m not sure exactly how to build with my mousepad. Normally a right-click is clicking with two fingers but that doesn’t work.

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Oh, for that, you have to press ‘shift’ and it will place a block.

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Should I make a bug report page?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Your choice
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@JUSTPLAINOP @John_Shrekinson @DeadlyGumChewer @BeesyBee @paisleypug @Kasamir
Update 1.1.0 is here!

  • Added Snake
  • Added Broken Dimension
  • Added crafting UI(currently Useless)
  • Added The Entity(Boss)
  • added knockback when attacked
    Idea’s from:
    Boss- @DeadlyGumChewer
    Snake- Community
    Crafting- @SWEA6435
    Dimension- Sounds cool so I added It.

Is the dimension called Broken or is the dimension broken?




So I bet you all want to know how to get to the boss…
It’s easy…

Look Up


@BeesyBee @John_Shrekinson @DeadlyGumChewer @paisleypug @JUSTPLAINOP @Kasamir
V.1.1.1 is here!

  • Added the ability to sprint by holding ‘Shift’
  • On Chromebooks, placing blocks is done with ‘tab’
  • fixed some bugs
  • The Entity can now move side to side, dealing knockback damage
  • Made snakes killable
  • Added a selection overlay on the block you are holding

Thank you all and don’t forget about the bug report page:
Survival In The Wilderness Bug Report Log!


V1.1.2 is here!

  • Bug fixes
  • Snakes now drop scales(Can’t believe I forgot this)
  • Scales when picked up will give the player 5HP!

Thank You!


V1.2.0 is Here!

  • Mobile Controls
  • Controller Controls
  • Bug Fixes

An Added Note:

I have used all of my objects to make this game, and I’m sorry to say that this game might only be updated with bug fixes and to attempt to add new mechanics to mobs/entities. I will start to save money to buy Indie so I can continue working on this game. I had honestly LOVED working on this game and wish to continue.

  • A flowlab Friend if you need it.

u should add a teleporter to the portal I made one before

If you read my last post, I ran out of objects and can’t add anything. I can’t add a teleporter.

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try my new game

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