Switch not working

This is what I have. it still triggers the level to reload even though the switch’s light is off. that is what the second switch leads to, a level reload. Also, I know I do not need the ten.

PS the strings in the behoviors don’t light up on your second run through the game.

I don’t see how the AND gate would turn on,
if the inputs are NOR and Prox, then only A or B would be on at a time.

I personally try my best to not use gates, they are super finicky since they work on instances instead of frames. Could you send a link to the game to better see what is going on?


umm I I thought because the delay of the prox and nor could be on at the same time. However, that doesn’t affect the end result. Just ignore it.

  1. This is happening because when the game reloads, new objects are loaded so you’re not looking at the same objects code. If you want to see code running for all of those objects, select the object in the library.

  1. So what’s happening here that the both switches are on for ALL lily pad objects. You can see this by pressing space and waiting 2 seconds (whats set in the bottom left timer). If you look at the code for just the block that is hitting the prox target, the NOR is off for that one lily pad object.

I thought that the mailbox thing would fix all lily pads doing that. how do I use “Message last object targetted with raycast?”

I connected a raycast with “output first found object” to it.

You are using raycast to last object correctly, I just didn’t notice it before. But the problem is that the raycast doesn’t see the lily pad when the lily pad is on top of the “human” object.

I see! Thank you for all the help.

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