Switching between objects while playtesting

I would like for there to be a way to change which object you are viewing without having to stop playtesting a game. This would be really useful in things like tracking down bugs in our games because you could find a bug while playtesting and then pause the game, switch to the object you think is causing the bug, and then figure out what went wrong without having to worry about whether or not you can replicate the bug a second time. For instance, I’m playtesting my game and I’m viewing the player object, but for some reason my enemy object did not spawn, so I want to view the object that spawns the enemy to figure out what went wrong, but I’m not sure if I can reproduce this particular bug, so it would be useful if I could switch objects without having to exit the behaviors screen.


i know this isnt funny but its so true

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Thanks for reposting my meme, but it’s off topic here. Please repost it in Flowlab Memes instead.

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