Switching between the Acai and Bilimbi Version causes rotation issues

When using the Acai Version, the turrets of the tank are facing towards the player. However when using the Bilimbi version the turrets seem to be facing up the whole time, the projectiles they eject are shooting in the right direction just the turret not facing it.

This only happens when they are attached though, when I place the turrets by themselves (not attached to body) they face the player normally.

Anyway to fix this as I would like to use the Bilimbi version.

Flowlab Game Creator - Tank Game (in Acai version)




Huh weird. I’ll message grazer about it on the discord

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Hey @cmonriyu - it’s not clear to me what is happening, and it’s tough to speculate without seeing it. Can you either set the game to the new version, or make a copy and set the copy to the new version? This way I can investigate the issue. Thanks!

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Didn’t realize that you had responded, but I have set the Game version to Bilimbi, as I do not have a premium account I cant really create a copy. I have set the game to Bilimbi though. When you get in, the turrets of the enemy tanks will be facing the wrong direction.

Sorry for the long response, I’m currently working on some new projects.

Hey @cmonriyu - I looked into this, and the root issue is that there was a change in the attachment implementation between the two versions:

Attachments no longer get added to the physics engine, or become physics objects. This was done because the previous physics interaction of attachments was inconsistent and unintuitive (also fewer physics objects improves performance).

The reason this is affecting your game is because the lack of physics means they no longer have a “direction”, and your turrets are relying on a direction setting to make them face the correct way.

You can leave the game set on Acai, which is fine, or if you wish to upgrade to the latest version, you can spin the turrets 90 degrees clockwise in the Sprite editor so they will display with the expected orientation.

Sorry about the hassle :frowning:

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