T/Tetragon: Quartet [Updates]

T/Tetragon: Quartet is updating again! I still haven’t finished the second level, title screen, or level select, but the game is making some progress! (By that, I mean I procrastinated, then came back after a month and ignored the biggest problems)

I mostly updated some sprites and added this death screen that I might edit later.
(I was too lazy to crop edges)

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Ooh, this looks like an interesting game. I will be watching the updates.

It’s probably going to be my best game yet, but you might need to lower your expectations

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I’m always exited for a new game, even if it’s just a simple one.

Old bench from T/Tetragon

New bench from Quartet


Cool, the second is much improved from the first.

The game is going to start actively updating again in 3 days and 16 hours


I think accidentally broke something and now I have to fix it

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I sent the message to the wrong thing when I told myself a literal second earlier to make sure I clicked on the right thing. This is part of the reason why my games get nowhere

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I’ve gotten sidetracked and started adding controller support… I seem to do things like this a lot…

In what way?

The player can now be moved with a controller and at this point I’ll probably add support to the menus too

I’ve finished adding controller support to the main menu, level select, and player. I’m going back to working on the levels now

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I felt like I’d done a lot of work on my game recently, but then I looked back and I’ve done almost nothing for the last 7 days.

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The only thing I know I’ve done is adding a pause button

That’s every day for me.

I finished making the attack loop for the first boss. It’s currently impossible to actually beat it but I’ll work on that next

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I should probably post pictures and stuff of my game but most of the art is either just something I threw together or long blocks of solid color

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Example of a written update:

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Ummmm, I don’t think this is the best use of time when developing a game…but if it suits you, do whatever you want.

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