Taile Gamougg: Another Place....(Fan Game)

Hello Flowlab buliders and game makers!
I am making a fan game of @John_Shrekinson Gamougg. This story is not based where Gamougg is. This is based from another planet in another dimension. So there will be new bad guy, You know big boss and all that stuff… There will also be new main character. This is just a demo so yeah…(LINK WILL BE IN HERE SOON)
Go check out Mr.Halo guy’s games
This is not gamougg
, this is RedSkull, Yes i know i dont make cool names like Mr.Halo guy

You have your own website or what?!?


So it’s a silver timeline?

Red Skull is a Captain America villain, you might want to change that to be more original. And yeah, you do make cool names (especially your other games).

Yeah but it’s very old and outdated. I have not updated it in a really long time. Notice how it says “Gamoog” at the top left corner. That used to be my old Flowlab username, which is just a misspelling of “Gamougg”.


Nice website very cool and yes i forget the taile ooofff

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so here the link boys

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Nice! My recommendation would be to add WASD controls because you have a sign there showing you that you can use it.

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