Taile Gamougg Lore, Skeleton war, the biggest plot point

I’m changing the lore so that Gamougg 3 takes place in 2007 instead of 2005. This may make the timeline numbers less aesthetically pleasing, but there is a reason for this change. The reason is that I am going to remove the Transformers ending from Gamougg 4 and put it in Gamougg 3 instead, because I think the reference should be in a game that takes place in 2000’s and not one that takes place in the 2010’s.

idk about this anymore, maybe, idk


Companies you may see in the games:

  • Insultbulb Racing (International professional car racing but everyone makes fun of lightbulbs and Thomas Edison; this is because they believe that Edison should be discredited because the real inventor of the lightbulb was Warren de la Rue)
  • Logicwave Industries (science)
  • Farmers’ Market Maximus (they host the farmers’ market)
  • Telephonus Prime (telephones and landlines and cellphones, they make)
  • Joe’s BBQ & Foot Massage (restaurant and massage)

Whole series lore
When people die, they become skeletons. This can only be avoided if your grave says “Rest in peace” or “R.I.P.” on it. If those words or that acronym are erased from the tombstone, the skeleton will rise from their grave and prepare for the skeleton war.

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Taile Gamougg 5/CubeTales 2 lore
This robot named Ligmorpher wiped out all of the serial killers hiding in “Carnage”, an underground city built by mysterious ancients. These ancients were the same ones who tried to play God by creating the cubes from CubeTales.

Carnage is a nickname given to the place by a few visitors (all of whom are now dead) because of the large number of serial killers hiding in the city. The city’s true name, Caremelon, is an ancient name that was only rediscovered in the modern age when this living robot decided to tell people after the city’s rediscovery.

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