Taile Gamougg Lore


Thanks for the idea homie

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  1. The John Cena incident. :moyai:
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and his name was JOHN CENA!!!


Separately, the rivers will run red with the blood of those who run afoul of the “no chicken fingers after 9PM” law.


Gamougg 1 Lore
Jamie Vasuino Soapsud is an enforcer of [REDACTED], helping him in his goal. Jamie joined [REDACTED] after they happened to meet at a special kind of café after not seeing each other since they were in high school. During the time that the two were apart, Jamie had died of a lethal overdose and become a skeleton soon after.

While in the café, [REDACTED] told Jamie his plan, to which Jamie agreed. Before he sent Jamie off to defend the plans’ chemicals from Gamougg, Jamie and [REDACTED] got a bit political. Both literally, and figuratively.

After [REDACTED] and Jamie fought over a minor political disagreement, [REDACTED] sent Jamie to the most dangerous of all the jungles involved in his plan: the Big Chungle. The Big Chungle is very dangerous because of its flying bunnies that don’t let anyone pay their respects to the dead, and also because of the violent plant life.

TG1R Jamie

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the [REDACTED]s make this read like an scp page :skull:

scp-17338372727646473838329298746465738828282819191927464656282928293773∞:the big chungle

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Taile Gamougg 1 Lore
“Sup3rions” are a race of mythical creatures that took [Halloween] cosplay way too seriously by trying to meld magic and science to their will. Their experiments to make themselves into their favorite game developer, sup3r87, took adverse effects on their minds and drove them insane.

Now sup3r’s image is being slowly tainted by a mercilessly mischievous army of cubes taking on his image after a Halloween costume experiment gone horribly wrong.
TG1R Sup3rion



and yet you question why people don’t take gamougg seriously


This is completely serious. I don’t get what you are talking about.

I make Gamougg the way I do because I believe in changing people’s lives for the better. It just so happens to be entertainment. It just so happens to be a bit ridiculous at times despite the mostly serious plots. I believe in encouraging positive changes in people’s lives seriously and deeply, and the silly things here and there serve as reminders of that positivity despite being among such darkness.


Ksksksk nah this is actually funny, Nice :rofl:
And Nice plot for a game
Inoffensive funny villain and it sounds like a much better fit


I understand your logic for the way you make your games, but not many other people will share your same thoughts.

When people seek for a game, they usually want a game that’s relevant to a specific theme and that it’s consistent. Usually you want to create characters and environments to match the game and have fluid transitions between levels and enemy characters.

It may be serious in your eyes, but if you want to capture the audience or even attract them to the game, it must seem appealing. Sure it may bring positivity and make the game seem joyful, but depending to some people, it takes away from the seriousness and it makes the game overwhelming to comprehend.

If you had a set story, but threw in some comical jokes said by the characters or funny moments in the game play it may fit a little better than adding strange solutions that not many people take seriously in games.

I’m looking through some of the lore you posted for the series and there’s a reason not many people take your games seriously.

I would quote some of the most random lore drops I’ve ever heard on here, but my web browser won’t let me quote for some reason.

I’m not saying that anyones better at it, since keeping to a select theme can be difficult since level designing and character development can be tricky for anyway to match the game. You’ll always have that one character or level that’ll stand out, but it may be something you want to work on. I like the basic concept behind Gamougg, but it’s hard to follow along when you have very random and meme related incidents and events that take away from the main story.

Now I understand if you enjoy making it this way and I’m not trying to say you should stop if you are generally happy with the development of your games, but if you were seeking to capture a target audience or consistent players, you may want to reorganize how you structure your story.


Thanks, I am doing that now. Gamougg has a consistent theme for each game now. Most of the lore drops in this topic aren’t canon any longer, especially if they are closer to the top. This topic was mostly used for totally random extra lore that isn’t important to the games until recently.

:smirk: I’ve got some non-meme ones planned.

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Taile Gamougg 1 Lore
Pumpkin Core is the most fearsome robot ever built by [REDACTED]'s research & development team. It was designed for both physical and psychological warfare. It is named “Pumpkin Core” because of the signature design element embedded in its stomach, which is a pumpkin at its core. The robot features consistent design elements such as skeletal ribcage elements, bats, spiders, and obviously the pumpkin core. Aside from its pumpkin core, single cyclopean eye, and pair of large arm-mounted blades in the shape of of a bat, no descriptive features or details are known about it. This is most likely because [REDACTED] ordered for it to be kept as secret as possible save for a few surface level details, for the purpose of preserving both its mystery and fear factor.
[No Image Available]


Delectus, the Diarrhea Destroyer

Taile Gamougg universe lore

Chicocke (pronounced Chee-cock-Ay) is a firearms company founded by the brother of one of Gloob Glab’s evil subordinates. As an organization run by a chicken, they have a barnyard facility at their headquarters. In February 2023, they released their new gun, the GluckOpp3. A lot of GluckOpp3s were bought by private military corporations such as the SIGMACROSS PMC.
taile gamougg weapons


I thought this was a pretty decent chunk of lore until you called it the GluckOpp3 and SIGMACROSS, lol.


Who says I can’t be silly :sunglasses: :heavy_plus_sign: :cat:


Deeby gleeby