Taile Gamougg: Mouse Slayer (Get Real)

Tell me, whats a Berserk Mode.

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You can’t die unless you fully heal and die again, restart the entire game from the beginning, or press Escape twice. I’ve also made a weapon specifically for this mode that you can press G to equip. Attack buttons are the same as the sword.

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Updates 2022-09-22

  • Added two new skins: “Honey, where’s my super suit?” and Funtron Techsuit.

  • Kill 1000 enemies for the greatest achievement in all of GamougGaming, maybe even all of Flowlab. Happy grinding!

  • Added sounds and animations for the boss in lleH

  • Updated series logo on main menu and loading screen to the latest version seen in Gamougg 4, but with “Gamougg” recolored to fit Mouse Slayer.

  • Added several achievements.

They are selling anime girl nft’s and its cringe so you have to stop them, now this game is real content

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thanks bro but to be clear they’re selling bored apes too

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