Taile Gamougg Multiplayer (discontinued, cope)

Newly updated sandbox and weapon system. Upgraded the design of some vehicles. More maps and a way to select them are coming soon. Vote for the next map here!

  • Dark void
  • Light void
  • Desert
  • A snowy map
  • Waifu void
  • Memeland
  • Shinnok’s Backyard
  • Other

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making spaceship

a rare screenshot of the player moving too fast for the gun attached to him

I’m more concerned for the tank going through a brick wall of waifus, lol.

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the waifu building is in the background lol

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A multiplayer game with Gamougg 4 maps is in speculation…

Official memes


Official memes

New map: Memeland!


that’s not memeland… it’s just a whole bunch of among us stuff…

among us is dead-- please admit it and stop…


Thanks for the advice! I feel ashamed as a meme expert to not have sufficient memes to insert into the level. Perhaps you and other people could help me by sending some memes here?

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You could have thanos, shrek, Ugandan nuckles(I think), sanic, and any other dead meme to prove a point, lol.


Ugandan Knuckles (my favourite meme) is back! I shall make a new map in celebration!