Tales from the TinkerShed

On the phone so can’t provide sample, sorry.

Little variation of my raycast routine … LASER BEAMS
MUAHAHA, love the look of it.
Needs a nice particle system at the burning spot and some animation for the beam, but at least the basic principle is working :slight_smile:

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yah lazer beams!!! that’s awesome!

I don’t really have anything productive to add beyond: That’s really cool looking, and a super impressive effect.

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steals for enhancher enemy

Oh @grazer … but I can ‘borrow’ something productive of yours :wink:

Version 2 … setting things on fire :sparkler:

Actually, this is a side product of trying to find the exact point where the ray hits an object. Attaching some particles to that is then easy-peasy.

Give me script blocks and I set Flowlab on fire … MUAHAHA

Particles courtesy of grazer:
Particle Examples


@TinkerSmith can I get a link?

wow that’s really cool!

@TinkerSmith will you be making this public anytime soon? I would like to learn how to make that.

No worries @glithctyrus and @F3Art
Is not really ready for public release, needs to be bundled up, but since you asked so nicely.
Here the basic version that should give you an idea how I did it. Actually might change it, @PixelPizza had some good suggestions I wanna try.

THIS IS A PROTOTYPE … so no questions asked, lol

If you find it useful, credits and likes are always appreciated :innocent:

P.S. let me know if you find a way to improve it … and (hint hint)

if you understand what is going on you nearly have a grapple hook …


well I know whats going on so grappling hook I go

And another lunch break quickie from the TinkerShed.
For your shooting pleasure:

As with every lunch time release, use on your own risk, buggy as hell, LOL

Have Fun

Likes are always welcome and credits if you use it :slight_smile:


yooooo thx makes me want to do a zombie game now

Looks like FL will have enough power to deal with a parallax car racer … a very basic one.
Needs speed routine, so it reads the track layout from the array list. Road decorations, AI cars, but it looks possible.


Holy Cow @TinkerSmith - you’re a maniac.

It’s too late for me to open the editor and see what sort of witchcraft you have going here, but I’ll check it out tomorrow in the light of day.

HAHA @grazer :slight_smile:

Just wait until I get my hands on the new datatypes. Fake 3D and Vector 3D is on my tinkerlist.

You wouldn’t have a drawline() routine flying around? … chuckle


[insert cheesy Gravity Falls reference here]

Yeah, that defines you perfectly

(Very) basic Tree generator. Working on a new one that will generate the whole tree, including branches, but might be of use to someone else.

Tinker Away