Tbh, I ran out room for the amount of inputs of one block.

I need more though, because without it, the design for my shop doesn’t work. This is one of the first flowlab shops that doesn’t have an extra level for it. The design is a piece of art but without this connector cap, it won’t ever work. Please, I need this.

You could use a switch to disable other inputs (when in the store) and use those inputs for the store

Hey @browngr - I don’t understand the issue, what do you mean?

@grazer, when creating the shop of one of my games, (1K) I used a new design, but the one I was using required multiple inputs from one code block. There were too many different items to buy, so the code block literally stopped giving outputs after a certain point. It was strange…

I did fix it though, with a better and newly improved design.