Teacher cancellation

Hello all,

I have a couple questions regarding teacher accounts. 1. I was wondering if when you decide to cancel if your students would have a few more days to develop their projects if they have joined a class session or if they would still have complete access to their projects just no more premium features like loading screens and that stuff? 2. For class created accounts would all of my students lose access to their projects now that the classroom is done or can they port those over to a newly generated account upon cancellation? I was really only given the go ahead by my wife for 1 month class license and nothing more. Also I would love to know repayment options since I saw my sub renewed a few days ago. Thank you all for your help! :heart:




If you are subscribed via credit card, when you cancel your upgrade (and all your students’ upgrades) will stay active until the end of the subscription period.

You have the option to “unlink” student accounts either one at a time, or the entire class at once. Unlinking an account removes it from your dashboard and downgrades it to a free version. This way students can continue to access and work on their games if they want.

By repayment options do you mean a refund? I’m totally happy to cancel your subscription and refund your last payment if that’s what you mean, just confirm that’s what you’d like. This will downgrade your (and your students’) accounts immediately, but everyone’s games will still be editable and playable.

Let me know if anything still isn’t clear :+1:

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thank you for answering me Grazer. I had a talk with my wife about it, and we decided to stay subscribed since we still have another week till the class officially ends on the 31st. I’ve already paid for October as of today so I will make sure to cancel before Nov 29. Thank you again for your help.

Edit: Repayment I meant a refund or a prorated charge per the policy agreement


When I saw “teacher cancellation” I thought we were cancelling teachers :rofl: