Team editing question

Does everyone in the dev team need to have a non free account for it to work

As far as I’ve seen or heard, free accounts do not get to join or create teams, and it is exclusive to paid subscribers only.

Other people, correct me if I’m wrong.

I don’t know if free accounts can create a dev team, but they can join one.

I have a free user in my group right now but I dont think he can edit the game

can they edit the games you assing the team to

they can if you add the team into the game.

I did it says saving is locked

So you added the team to the game and for them it still says saving is locked?

Did you add them to the team? Did they try refreshing?

A free account can edit objects and levels in a team game they are allowed to, but they cannot make new ones of either.

yes (this must be 20 charecters long)

well that sucks alot

Just have the leader make a lot of empty objects and levels, the free accounts can work from there.

So it saying saving is locked doesnt matter

The leader needs to set the game as a team game so the teammates can edit it, if it shows in “my games” you can edit it. If you arent certain just make an edit, play it, then refresh the page

Im the leader so have my friend do that

Go to the game go to settings and then advance then go then click on the team editing and add your group

Last time I checked, paid users can create teams and invite anyone including free users.
Only problem with this is that free users still have there limitations with the game itself, like the 50 object limit.