***Teaser for Heart of a Rebel***

I haven’t been working on this game too long, but I am really happy with where it is going.

Keep in mind it is just a demo. There isn’t a goal in the game, I am just showing what things can do.


  1. Ideas for the game.
  2. Any bugs.
  3. Rating 1 out of 10. Example 7/10

Try it!

I really like the idea and am looking forward to a full version

Thank you @jessetime360 for taking the time to try my game! I really want the feedback!

You should definitely make a tutorial explaining the point of the game and how to play and, a door animation would be nice

How would the player be able to get through the door if it didn’t get destroyed?

Then the player would have to wait!

you can still destroy it but just put the animation then destroy

So your kicking the door FBI! OPEN UP!" style?

Sadly…RH has hit a halt in dev